Toshiba Europe Limited

Toshiba Europe Limited (TEUR) is part of Toshiba’s global R&D organisation, focusing on communications, networks, and signal processing. Toshiba is one of the world’s leading technology companies, with business ranging from energy and infrastructure systems to semiconductors and digital solutions. The Bristol Research & Innovation Laboratory (BRIL) was established in 1998 and has a strong collaborative research partnership with the University of Bristol, both directly funded and collaborative R&D via UK Government and EU funding.

Business Principal Investigator

Dr Magnus SandellDr Magnus Sandell - Chief Research Fellow, Analogue & Digital Systems group

Dr Sandell is a Chief Research Fellow in the Analogue & Digital Systems group. His background is signal processing applied to wireless communications and, apart from research and development, he has been involved in IEEE and 3GPP standards. Prior to joining Toshiba Europe Ltd, he worked for Lucent Bell Labs in Swindon after graduating from Luleå University Technology in Sweden.


Project team

Dr Gavin Watkins

Dr Gavin Watkins

Program Leader

Analogue and Digital Systems