Creating secure, resilient, agile and sustainable wireless technology for future communications systems.

Wireless access is essential to the networks that underpin modern life, but many networks which rely on radio frequency (RF) interfaces are especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks or other failures.

Jointly funded by EPSRCToshiba Europe Limited (TEUR), Roke Manor Research LimitedGCHQ, and the University of Bristol, the SWAN Prosperity Partnership focuses on the creation of Secure Wireless Agile Networks (SWAN) that are resilient to both cyber-attacks and accidental or induced failures.

In a five-year joint research programme, the Partnership will work to identify vulnerabilities in RF interfaces, allowing for the development of techniques that can be used to detect and mitigate against the effects of cyber-attacks.

SWAN aims to create enabling technology for radios that can truly be software defined and secure by design down to the basic levels of system functionality, such as operating frequency bands, modulation, and multiple-access protocols, as well as the surrounding frameworks needed to make resilient and secure systems.

Key aims:

  • To identify vulnerabilities in RF interfaces;
  • To develop techniques to detect and mitigate against the effects of cyber-attacks;
  • To create enabling technology for truly Software Defined Radios following Secure by Design principles;
  • To develop systems that are more resilient and more secure.

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